Gateway Asset Service

It allows customers to realize free flow of assets on multiple block chains through gateway services.

Automatic gateway program, without manual intervention, can automatically increase the price according to the market miner’s fee and speed up to the account speed.

The Function of Gateway Asset Service

  • Self-operated gateway asset service, allowing assets on multiple chains to freely enter and exit the exchange.

Gateway Asset software list

  • 1.The background of the exchange gateway (currently supporting BTC, ETH (ERC20), can expand the mainstream currency according to the needs of the exchange).
  • 2.Exchange gateway background management.
  • 3.Gateway asset user interface.

Virtual Asset Hardware Wallet

A dedicated encryption chip is used in the hardware wallet, which cannot be broken. Support transaction automatic signature, private key will never leak.

Communication and Learning

The mobile terminal entrance based on Bitshares

Desktop applications New online

Ios Installation steps

Core team
Zhai Desheng
Zhang Zengbo
Chen Lixin
Chief technical policy officer
Zhang Wei
Song Shiyue
Zhao Dong
Investment Consultant
Liu Jialing
Investment Consultant
Chen Weixing
Investment Consultant
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